How do I add additional resources / features to my account?

If you find your account is running low on a resource but you don't wish to upgrade to the next account up, you can purchase additional resources via the billing manager. This is also true with additional features (such as Urchin stats) - which again can be purchased directly from the billing manager.

  • Log into the billing manager
  • Click the My Sites icon, followed by the Packages icon
  • Select the package you wish to upgrade
  • Select "Change Add-Ons for the EXISTING Base Package Above"
  • Click the Continue button
  • Choose the features/add-ons you require using the drop down menus
  • Click the Continue & Confirm Changes and the features will then be added to your account

Most of the features will be setup automatically, however some may require manual setup so please allow 24 hours for complete activation.

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