What are the three folders in my root directory?

Every site created on our system will have three folders automatically created with it.

wwwroot - The root directory of your site, all your client facing website files should go in this directory.

Example - wwwroot/index.html = http://www.example.com/index.html

db - The recommended directory for putting in files you need for the background running of your site but do not want to be downloadable. Access databases you which to link to via DNS are required to go in this folder.

logs - The directory that gives access to your raw IIS logs (logs are kept for 14 days)

Additional Directories

Aside from the above three, further directories may be present depending on which features you have installed on your site.

ssl - The directory that holds all your shared SSL site files.

secure - The directory that holds configuration information if your site is using secure folders.

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